Hyperlocal News

Hyperlocal news is a small news site that only covers a certain area, like Temple Terrace News covers only Temple Terrace. Small pages like this one aren’t funded by outside sources as much as others, they only receive money by putting ads on there sites. if they were to make it to where a user would have to pay for the information the user would just go to another site. Another small site would be “Florida’s Voices” which mainly covers the state of Florida and “Your Hub” is another one, their focus many consist of a metro in Denver. a lot of these are mainly only supported by ads and sponsors but with out many ways of receiving money they will soon not exist.

Blog 7

The sample photo journalism that i found that i liked was the one “Look At The World’s Greatest Skylines Without Any Lights On”. i like the series of shots that look to be taken by a drone, gives more of above shot of several city’s. I like the showing of all the stars in the sky illuminating the ground below and the concept of the cities not having any power. The picture reminds me of two places, one being my relatives house in the Florida keys thats on the water because at night you can see all the stars; and it also reminds me of being in down town at my job a nd wondering, “what would this place look like with out any lights?”. Something id pick for my photo journalism assignment would be downtown and taking some pictures of some of the buildings and maybe interview my boss and see what he thinks of the buildings he gets to go in.

Struggles in interview

The person I actually interviewed was my friend Austin and i’d say the hardest part of that was creating all new questions to for him. I tried interviewing my dad but i knew almost exactly what he was gonna say so i wanted to have more of a challenge so i went with a friend instead. Austin’s answers he replied with were very interesting and not expect making the interview more fun. I did also choose a topic hes very good with talking about cars. So about a couple hours before my interview i rehearsed some of my questions to make sure i would actually get him to think and supply detailed answers. A mental prepare i did was to be ready for trying to obtain as much as i could hear him talk about. My interview with him a was pretty short, a lot shorter than expected. when I interviewed my dad he gave really long answers, while Austins were a little shorter.

Interview Blog 3

David Flores in his time in construction has worked for one of the largest construction company’s here in Florida, and that’s only one of the many accomplishments that he has done in his time so far. 

David M. Flores is a general contractor that has graduated from university of Florida, and is now an owner of his own company and family of his own. 

Why did you go to UF?

What made you wanna get into construction? 

How long have you been a general contractor? 

What are some of the unique things you have built? 

Whats your favorite building you have made? 

How is marine work, and what made you get into? 

Why have you stayed in the marine business? 

What is the biggest building you have worked on? 

What are some hobbies you do out of work? 

What are some of the things you would like to pursue before retirement? 

Interview Prep

The person i would interview would be my dad David Flores for all the accomplishments he has done in his career. David is a general contractor for both land construction commercial work and is also a marine contractor. My dad does big buildings such as office buildings to things as weird as skate parks and ropes courses. His marine work consist of docks, boat lifts and pilling set for marker. His time in the marine business only really consist of a few years but he’s really enjoying the business cause there is little to no competition. 

a few questions i would ask him is….

1. What made you wanna get into marine construction?

2. What made you get into construction?

3. What’s it like to be a general contractor and what all do you really do? 

4. What are some of your biggest accomplishments?

5. What was your favorite job that you have done?  

6. what was your first job? 

My Introduction

To give things a start, my name is Preston Flores and I’ve been here at HCC now for 4 semesters now. Although I’ve been at HCC for the few semesters this is my first experience here at Ybor campus. One thing about me is that I like all kinds of cars but my favorite kind of cars are Japan style cars like Toyota, Lexus, Mazda, etc. I own and drive a 1999 NB Miata and I love everything about the car. I work part time and just about all the money I make is either put into my car or my computer which I use for editing and the occasional VR. Aside from the car and computer I play hockey, been playing since I was five. I have recently been taking time off from teams and just been having fun playing pick up games with friends but when I transfer to USF I hope to play for them. The degree I’m here to pursue is communications because it’s a style of business degree without the math.